Here are some of the stories of kids reached through Youth for Christ. Watch how God is moving in the hearts of our youth.

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Kendrick’s Story

6/24/2021 in Category

From Brokenness to Redemption

6/16/2017 in Category

Danielle and I have been on a journey together since she showed up at Campus Life over two years ago. She is the student who never hesitated to ask the difficult questions. One of those... More

Beating the Odds!

6/16/2017 in Category

She did it! Winnie walked across the stage to receive her diploma, beating the odds! Having two children by the age of 16 years made finishing school a challenge. Without a family to support... More

Seeking Purpose

3/21/2017 in Category

Henry has not made a personal decision to follow Jesus. Yet, he is thriving in Campus Life and is receptive to our message and the mentoring relationships he has with our team as he seeks... More

From Tears to Joy

3/21/2017 in Category

I met 17-year old Mike three weeks ago at the Detention Center. He had been arrested the day before at Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton and charged with manslaughter in the shooting... More