Peg was a woman of clear commitments:  first to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and secondly to her children, Tyler and Tavia.

These commitments were foundational in her life choices.  Her love for the Lord caused her to love others well, evidenced by the way she cared for and served them.  She consistently put others above herself.

Her love for her children opened her eyes to the needs of youth all around her.  Her passion for young people to know God, understand his forgiveness, and live in joy anticipating life eternal drove her to step out of her comfort zone.  She spent her last years immersed in the world of the hip hop community.  Catalyst was born in West Palm Beach as a result of Peg’s faith, passion, and deep commitment.

Peg’s legacy will be found forever in Tyler and Tavia.  Joining them as spiritual children are all the people, young and old, who have been impacted by Peg’s life.

We know she has enjoyed hearing her Heavenly Father’s greeting, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  We miss you, Peg.